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Page 2: Too Much Cheese

It was then that strange things started to happen.

cheese cartoonCheese curds started flying out of the pan and covering everything in the classroom.
Cheese landed on Fluffie the Rabbit’s hutch.
Cheese landed in the iguana’s cage.
Cheese landed on Matthew’s nose.
Cheese landed on Carlos’ ear.
Cheese landed on Regina’s elbow.
Cheese landed on my eyebrow…
Cheese began to fill the entire room. Soon we were all up to our knees in cheese.
“I don’t know how to stop this thing!” yelled David,
“We’re all doomed by cheese!” yelled Matthew.
Before we knew it, we were all up to our belly buttons in cheese. And the cheese kept coming from the pot. 
Regina yelled, “I don’t want to be remembered as the class who drowned in cheese!”
But then the pot made a gurgling sound and the cheese stopped flying out. 
“We’re saved!” yelled Regina, “we’re not going to drown in cheese after all!”
“And we’re still in a room full of cheese!” celebrated David.
The students began swimming through the cheese, throwing cheese balls at each other. They truly thought this was the best thing ever. 
“David, you’re like the best teacher I ever had!” yelled Zander as he did a flip into a big wad of cheese
While we celebrated surviving the cheese explosion, we heard a strange sound, and when we looked up, we saw something big and brown pushing against the classroom window. 

At first it looked like the branch of one of the trees outside, but we noticed it was attached to something other than a tree trunk.

“What is that weird thing!” yelled Jenna. 

mouse cartoonMatthew ran to the window to look. When he turned around, he looked horrified, and screamed, “IT’S A GIANT MOUSE!”

Each of the mouse’s whiskers weighed 456 pounds, and it had 18 whiskers, how much did it’s whiskers weigh all together?

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