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Page 3: The Giant Mouse...

We all ran over to the window and looked out. We were terrified to see a giant mouse right outside, and it was sniffing all around the window.

“Let’s get out of here, that mouse wants to eat David’s cheese and I think it’s going to eat us too! It’s as big as the school bus!” yelled Carlos. school bus cartoon

We tried to open the door of the classroom to run out, but the door was being blocked by the cheese. It wouldn’t budge one inch. 
We watched as the mouse pushed one of its paws against the classroom window to try to get to the cheese. The glass shattered onto the floor. mouse cartoonThe mouse then squeezed its giant pointy nose into the classroom and began sniffing around.
We all ran to the back wall to stay out of the reach of the mouse’s mouth. 
“What are we going to do!” yelled Jake. 
“It’s going to eat us soon if we don’t get out of here.” yelled Zander. 
First the mouse began licking, and then eating the cheese. The more it ate, the more it seemed like it wanted to eat. 
“It’s going to eat us next! I’m sure of it!” yelled Joe. 
yellow t shirtJenna yelled, “It’s going to eat me first, I’m the only one wearing a yellow shirt that looks like cheese!”
The mouse was gobbling down cheese even faster. Knocking over desks and chairs as it tried to get all the cheese it could. 
“We’re doomed!” yelled Regina. 

“We’re only doomed if the answer to this problem is odd!” said Mr. R.
What is the product of 254 X 78?


  1. The answer is Even
  2. The answer is Odd
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