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Page 4: Dog Whistles

Then I had an idea. I remembered that Josie’s project was to build dog cartoon
“Josie, do you have your dog whistle lesson ready?” I asked. 
“Yeah,” she said.
“You have to teach it right now!” I screamed.
“Teach now? How do you expect me to teach when a giant mouse is about to eat us!”
“Believe me,” I said, “Most teachers have harder things to deal with everyday than a giant mouse. Now teach quick!”
scissors cartoonJosie shrugged, and took out her materials for making the dog whistles. It was a bunch of straws, some scissors, and tape. We all sat against the wall as far away from where the giant mouse’s mouth was grabbing for cheese. It began making gobbling sounds right by our heads!
As Josie was handing out the straws, the mouse’s tongue reached out and licked her arm. 
“Ewwww, gross! Mouse spit!” yelled Josie.
The mouses tongue stuck out again and licked Matthew’s face!
“No way! I don’t want mouse germs on me!” he yelled. 
“Why are you making Josie teach when we’re about to be mouse food!” yelled Carlos.
“I have an idea that might save us! It’s my decision!” I yelled.

“Well, we think this is like 253 X 456 times as bad as the worst decision ever made in the history of the world!” yelled Josie.
How many times worse did Josie think Mr. R.’s Decision was?

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