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Page 5: A Cheesy Ending

straw cartoonJosie quickly showed us how to cut the straws, and then use some tape to make the dog whistles.
By then, the mouse had finished all the cheese in the half of the classroom closer to the windows, but it was still hungry and began to sniff around Josie’s hair. 
“Get awayyyyyy from me!” you disgusting overgrown mouse!” she yelled. 
“How do you blow into these to make the high-pitched dog whistle sounds?” I asked Josie as she was running away from the mouse, “I can’t remember- try blowing into the side with the wide opening,” she said.
We all started blowing into the wide end, and a low-pitched sound came out of the whistles. 
“I guess it’s the other end,” said Josie who managed to duck under the mouse’s giant tongue.
As we flipped the whistles around, we saw the mouse was about to grab Josie with one of its paws!
“Why are we playing with whistles we need to escape!” screamed Jenna. 
“Yeah,” said Josie, “I don’t see why dog whistles are so important!” 
“Just blow your whistles,” I yelled. 

If there were 17 of us in the classroom, and we needed to blow the whistles 544 times, how many times would each of us have had to blow our whistles?


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We all blew into the skinny end of the straw and we saw the mouse suddenly stop moving. We kept blowing, and the mousemouse cartoon began making weird sounds.
“I think it’s working,” I said, “keep blowing your whistles!”
A few seconds later, the mouse turned around and ran away as fast as it could!
“My dog whistles scared the giant mouse away,” said Josie. 
“They sure did,” I said, “Mice don’t like high pitched sounds, so it ran away when we blew through the whistles.”
After the mouse had disappeared, all the students were high-fiving each other and celebrating again. It was snack time, and I asked Carlos and Jenna to go to the cafeteria to get snack, but the cheese that was on our side of the classroom was still too high to open the door.
“I guess we’re all stuck in here until we can cut this cheese and move it,” I said. 
I found a knife in the snack area and we took turns cutting the cheese. It took us over an hour before we had moved enough to open the door.
“Wow that was a lot of work!” said Regina. 
“Yeah, Mr. R.” said Zander, “and now we missed snack time because of cutting this cheese.”
“That’s true,” I said, “Luckily I have an idea for snack.”
“What idea?”

cheese cartoon“We do have a lot of David’s cheese left over. Let’s have that for snack!” I said. 
“Are you sure this cheese in even edible?” asked Josie. 
“Of course it is!” said David, “I make this all the time!”
Everyone grabbed a piece of David’s cheese to eat, and we all agreed that it tasted pretty good…

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