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So here’s a story you’re probably not going to believe, but it’s true. I promise you! At least I remember it happening…

It was a long time ago, when I was teaching in a school that was a bit strange, and a bit peculiar (but not nearly as peculiar and strange as the school you’re in right now!)
As I remember, it was a cold, dark morning, and I came into my classroom like I always did. Everything was perfectly normal and there was no way I could have imagined what was going to happen to me and my students that very strange day.

The students were doing their “Teach the Class Something You’re good At” presentations.

cheese cartoonThat morning, Josie and David were scheduled to teach their lessons. David loved cheese, and he’d decided to teach the class how to make cheese from scratch. Josie was going to teach the class how to make dog whistles out of straws.
To begin his lesson, David began heating some milk (he had brought an electric pot from home). While it heated, he handed out some different cheeses for his classmates to sample. Some of them didn’t smell too great.
“This cheese is super-stinky! I’m not eating it!” said Jenna.
“Yeah, this smells like my grandpa’s socks!” said Zander. colorful cartoon sock
“This one smells like my little brother’s diapers!” said Joe.
“We don’t need comments, if you don’t want try one of the cheeses, you can skip it,” I said to my students. 
“I love all cheeses no matter what they smell like!” said David. 
“Why do you love cheese so much?” asked Jenna.
“Because cheese is cheese, it’s the best thing ever!” said David.
chocolate bar“Chocolate’s better!” said Zander. 
“Popcorn’s better!” said Joe. 
“Candy’s better!” said Jenna.
“That’s enough chatter everyone! Let your teacher, David, continue his lesson.”

Once the milk was heated to the proper temperature, David said, “Now we have to add some vinegar to make the cheese curd, and then we’ll strain it to get the cheese. The problem is, I forgot how much vinegar to put in. I think I’ll just pour in the whole bottle.”
“Are you sure it’s the whole bottle,” I asked.
“Not sure, but I think so,” said David.
“Maybe we should check online to be sure,” I suggested, but it was too late, and David poured in the entire bottle of vinegar.

If the cheese was supposed to have 16 ounces of vinegar, but David poured in 32 times as much, how much vinegar had he put in?

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