Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 3: Almost Cooked

They brought me straight out to the kitchen,
They turned up the fire real high,
I was screaming at all those mean hunters,
I refuse to bake, boil, or fry!
They banished me straight to a big pot,
And covered it ever so tight,
The water was boiling quickly,
Was this really my last turkey night?
turkey in pot cartoon

The kitchen became very quiet,
I peeked out and looked all around,
I saw a small boy and his sister,
And waved without making a sound…
The girl said,
“I like this turkey,”
The boy said,
“I like it a lot.”
They took off the cover completely,
And pulled me right out of the pot!
This turkey’s our favorite pet!
This turkey’s new name is now, Ted,
They dressed me right up like a pilgrim,
With a hat that fit tight on my head…

If I thanked the boy and girl 36 times an hour for the next 24 hours,
how many times had I thanked them for saving my life?


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