Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 2: Caught

The hunters were getting too close,
I wished I could really fly far,
But turkeys just aren’t good fliers,
So I jumped in my friend’s Tesla car!
I raced from the town they called Plymouth,
I tried to escape it alive,
But then I remembered some bad news,
Turkeys don’t learn how to drive!

turkey in front of car

I unbuckled my seatbelt so quickly,
And jumped out the driver’s side door,
But then it was too late for fast running,
The hunters had caught me for sure!
They said they’d stuff me with stuffing,
Tears came to my 2 turkey eyes,
They said they’d eat me with gravy,
Cranberry and sweet pumpkin pies!

If you need 15 pumpkins to make 5 pumpkin pies,
how many pumpkins would you need to make 25 pumpkin pies?

(tricky tricky)

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