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Page 5: The Second Substitute

phone cartoonAs I continued to tell the students how disappointed I was, the classroom phone rang. It was Principal Grapefruit. He told me he heard about the problem in my classroom, and that I should get over to his office immediately. He said was sending over a substitute, Mr. Jupiterooni
“Are you sure he’s a real teacher?” I asked, “The last substitute wasn’t so great with my class.”
“Of course he’s a real teacher. One of the best!” said Principal Grapefruit.
A second later, the classroom door opened and a new teacher came in.
“Hello, I’m Mr. Jupiterooni. I’ll watch your class while you meet with Principal Grapefruit.”
I was nervous about leaving the class again, but I knew I had to discuss what happened with Principal Grapefruit.
“Make sure they all stay in their seats,” I said, “They’re not allowed to get up for any reason. They’re in big-big-big trouble!”
“Will do,” said Mr. Jupiterooni.
grapefruit cartoonI left to go to Principal Grapefruit’s office. When I got there he asked me why I’d come back.
“You just called me,” I said.
“No, Mr. R., this is the second time this has happened today. What’s going on with you?”
“I just talked to you on the phone,” I said.
“I haven’t even used my phone once today,” he said, “Maybe you should go home and get some rest. I can call a substitute.”
“There is a substitute. Mr. Jupiterooni. He just came to my room,” I said.
“Mr. Jupiter-whooni?” said Principal Grapefruit.
Suddenly, I realized something was very wrong, and a second later, I was running back towards my classroom.

The quickest way to my classroom took 4,989 steps. If I took 2,456 steps in the first minute, and 2,532 in the second minute, how many more steps would I have to take to get to my classroom?

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