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Page 6: Collecting Math Homework

Meanwhile, in the classroom…

“OK, kids,” said Mr. Jupiterooni, “I’m going to explain a few things to you.”
“Waikee whaggley wagooly sooturnly?” said Zander. 
“That’s Exactly correct,” said Mr. Jupiterooni, who seemed to understand the students’ new language, “and I’ll explain everything. I’m from Jupiter, and on Jupiter we take our schooling very seriously. That’s why we’re all so smart,” he smiled, “but on Saturn they think school is boring, and they do everything they can to ruin schools all around the universe. Let’s just say the people on Saturn haven’t learned much. My job is to stop these people from Saturn from ruining schools.
This morning, I used a special listening device, and I heard Ms. Saturnberry make the call to Mr. R. pretending she was Principal Grapefruit. That’s how she got into your classroom and made you do all those crazy things.”
“Guiggle, sniggle, largooshki pinkle,” said Jake.
laser ray gun“Yes, I agree,” said Mr. Jupiterooni, as he took out an even bigger laser than Ms. Saturnberry had, and aimed it at the students. A flash of light hit the students and a second later the students were speaking regularly.
“Hey, we can speak again!” yelled Carlos.
“Thanks Mr. Jupiterooni,” said Matthew, and it wasn’t even a minute later they decided to get to work.
“We have to fix this class before Mr. R. gets back,” said Jenna.
They began cleaning, and scrubbing, they sewed the carpeting back together, they unglued things they had glued, and painted over things they had painted. After a few minutes, the classroom looked exactly like it did before Ms. Saturnberry had made them mess it up. When they were done, they all gave each other high fives.
“Like Mr. R. always says, there’s nothing like teamwork!” said Regina.
“Great work,” said Mr. Jupiterooni, and he vanished just as I opened the classroom door.

If the height of the  door was 72 inches, and the width was 35 inches, how many inches was it around the entire door?

Enter the number of inches here:

Your results

When I looked into the classroom, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All the students were sitting quietly at their desks, and the classroom looked exactly the way it did when I’d shown up to school that morning.
“Hey Mr. R.,” said Matthew.
“Hi class,” I stammered as I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Maybe I’d imagined it all, I thought to myself.
math homework“I guess it’s time for morning meeting,” I said, “but first I need everyone to take out your math homework so I can collect it…

The End

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