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Page 3: Math Homework is Delicious!

math homework“Hey, this math homework tastes soooooooo good!” yelled Jenna as the students gobbled it down like it was ice cream on a summer day!
“Yeah, it’s the best thing ever!” yelled Jake.
After the students finished eating their math homework, all they could think about was eating more paper!
“Now that’s how we treat math homework on Saturn!” laughed Ms. Saturnberry, “and now for even more fun!”
She pointed the laser at the students, and when the beam hit them, they were completely under her power again. First chicken cartoonshe made them run around the class clucking like chickens, and then she had them paint all the walls with finger-paint. After that, she had them stack the desks on top of each other in a giant pyramid. scissorsThen she had them tape the scissors closed and then glue the scissors to the staplers!  After that, she had them stick glue sticks to their noses and hang some paper clips off of them.  Next, she had them use rulers to play baseball with base-ten blocks! Finally, she made them smash the homework bin with the globe, and build sculptures out of their independent reading books! When they were done, she had them dance on top of MY desk. Ms. Saturnberry stood there cheering them on.
“Now this isn’t boring! This is what I call, fun school! And the best thing about it, is that you won’t even be able to blame me! I’m gonna’ go back to Saturn and you will be the ones who get in trouble,” she said as she disappeared.
Matthew was busy cutting snowflake shaped shapes out of the classroom carpeting when I opened the door.

Matthew cut out 4,567 snowflakes, and then cut 3,569 more. He then gave 5,678 of them to Zander, how many snowflakes did he have left?

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