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Page 3: My Students are Lasagna

The Evil Alien Mr. R. laughed an evil laugh that definitely sounded nothing like mine, and then he said, “Molly spelled the word incorrectly, and now she’s been turned into spaghetti. I plan to change you all into food.”
No way! We won’t let you do it!” yelled Stephen.
“If you don’t listen to me,” said the Evil alien Mr. R., “I’ll eat this bowl of spaghetti right now!”
“Don’t eat Molly!” all the students screamed, “We’ll do whatever you want, just don’t eat her!”
“I won’t, if you pick up your pencils for the next spelling word. Anyone who spells it wrong…they’re food!”
guacamoleThe students picked up their pencils, and the Evil alien Mr. R. said, “Guacamole. The sentence is, I eat guacamole with student chips.”
“Student chips?” asked Suzy.
As soon as they were done writing, the students looked around. Jake and Jenna, who weren’t the best spellers had turned into bowls of guacamole.
The Evil Mr. R. laughed again and said, “3 down and 9 to go.”
I tried to escape the cage as I watched my students get turned into food,  but I couldn’t get out! I felt helpless. 

lasagna cartoon“The next word,” said the Evil alien Mr. R., “is lasagna. The sentence is, Students in lasagna are super tasty.”
7 more students turned to food…yes, into lasagna. 
There were only 2 students left. Lisa and Michael who were the best spellers in the class.
The Evil alien Mr. R. said the next word. “Parfait. The sentence is, I like a student parfait topped with whipped cream.” 

I watched in horror as Michael turned into an ice cream parfait.

The Evil Alien smiled. “Just one more to go until I eat, eat, eat!”
Lisa looked scared as she waited for the next word.
The evil alien looked at Lisa and said, “The next word is meringue.
The sentence is, I love Lemon Meringue student Pie!!”

lemon meringue cartoonEven Lisa, the best speller in our class could not spell the word. I watched helplessly as she turned into a lemon meringue pie. Now all the students were food.

The Evil alien Mr. R. began dancing around the room, putting the students into boxes to take back to his planet.
“Stop you evil alien!” I yelled from my cage, “Leave my students alone!”
Somehow he hear me and picked up the cage.
“What are you going to do about it, Small Fry?” Then he laughed his evil laugh. 

When the Evil Alien Mr. R. laughed, I saw he had 38 rows of sharp teeth with 38 teeth in each row! How many teeth did the Evil Alien Mr. R. have in total

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