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Page 4: My Students are Lasagna

phone cartoonI knew there wasn’t much time left before the evil alien took my students to his planet to eat them. Luckily I had an idea. I took out my phone, which was also tiny, and smashed it against the side of the cage. It was sad to see the screen shatter and phone break into pieces, but I had to do what I had to do. 

I found the battery of the phone and touched the wires against the Evil alien Mr. R.’s finger. I saw a jolt of electricity zap him. 

bird cage cartoon“Ow!” He yelled as he threw my little cage into the air. It hit the ceiling and the cover of the cage broke off before it began to fall. The falling cage whacked the alien in the nose, and luckily I was thrown out and landed on a nice, soft board eraser that was on my desk. 

When the alien moved his hand to rub the spot where the cage hit him, the beam must have accidentally shot out of his finger. When the beam hit me, I immediately changed back to my regular size. 

I grabbed the box from the alien and told him he better leave Earth before I locked him in the closet of my classroom. 

The alien me refused to leave Earth without the ‘student food,’ so I pushed him into the closet and locked the door. Now my students would be safe. 

I took each food out of the box, and put them on the desk where they belonged.
I tried to teach the food, but it just couldn’t learn- especially math. The lasagna was actually OK at social studies.

If the lasagna raised its hand 63 times each minute for our 45 minute social studies class, how many times did it raise its hand in total?

Enter the number here (no comma):

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Anyway, I eventually placed a pencil by each food, and asked it to spell the name of their food. As each food spelled its own name, it changed back to the student. 

lemon meringue cartoonThe only food that didn’t change back was the meringue. We had to use spell check to figure that one out. When we did, we finally turned Lisa back to her old self!

The rest of the day went as it usually does, and I forgot about the Evil alien Mr. R. being locked in my closet…
Do you think he’s still there?
Do you think your teacher might have an evil alien twin in their closet?

The End

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