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Page 2: My Students are Lasagna

At 8:15 I saw my students enter the class. I was hoping they’d realize this Mr. R. was different, but he really did look exactly like me, and somehow he’d learned to act exactly like me too.
I tried to scream to them to warn them, but there was no way they could hear my tiny, little voice over all of their noise and talking.

The Evil Alien Mr. R. had the usual morning meeting, and then at 8:30 he asked the students to take their desk spots for the spelling quiz.
“Do we have to Mr. R.?” complained Suzy.
“Yes, you have to…” he said.
“But we know how to spell, and besides we have spell check!
island cartoon“But how does spell check help you if you’re on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean with no electricity?” asked the Evil Alien Mr. R. He really did act and sound just like me.
“Why would I need to know how to spell if I was on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean with no electricity?” asked James.
“What if you had to write a message to your mommy, and send it in a little bottle? Would you want a lot of spelling mistakes? That’s why we’re all going to learn how to spell. As you remember, this week’s spelling words all have to do with foods. Now  number your page from 1-10 like I showed you.”
The students numbered their papers and then put their pencils on their desks to show they were ready.
“OK, keep your eyes on your own papers! The first word is spaghetti.”
“That’s hard!” complained Ethan.
“No, spaghetti is soft!” replied Jenna.
“Not before you cook it!” replied Ethan.
“You go eat raw spaghetti!” yelled Jenna.
“Enough talking!” screamed the Evil, alien Mr. R. “The sentence is, We love to eat spaghetti students in a bowl.”
“Spaghetti students?” asked Ethan.
“Just write the sentence!” bellowed the Evil Alien Mr. R.
My students began to seem a little scared of this new, meaner Mr. R.
“Hey, look at Molly!” yelled Ethan, she’s turned into a giant bowl of spaghetti.
I blinked my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things from my cage. Molly was definitely spaghetti!
“What! How did Molly turn into spaghetti, Mr. R., spaghetti cartoonWhat did you do to her?”

Molly actually turned into a giant bowl of spaghetti that weighted 72 ounces. If spaghetti cost $12/ounce how much would a ‘Molly-sized’ bowl of spaghetti cost?

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