Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 7: Flipping the Switch on the Evil Alien Mr. R.

The EVIL ALIEN MR. R. had stopped eating the smartboard to solve the really hard problem Eliza had written down. (I guess the EVIL ALIEN MR. R. loved math too.) As he worked on the problem, Ricardo snuck up behind him to see if he could flip the switch to turn EVIL ALIEN MR. R.’s power off.


Ricardo inched closer and closer, and was finally about to flip the switch when he sneezed and bumped into the EVIL ALIEN MR. R!

The EVIL ALIEN MR. R. felt Ricardo bump into him and spun around. He was angry!

As a matter of fact, he was so angry that he yelled 124 times and then 127 times, how many times had he yelled?


Enter the number of times Mr. R. yelled here:

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“Run for it, Ricardo!” yelled Regina.

“Let’s get out of here quick!” yelled Ally.

“I agree with that!” yelled Larry who opened the classroom door and started running for the stairs.

They all began running down the stairs, and when they turned around they saw that the EVIL ALIEN MR. R. chasing right behind them!

“Hurry! Quick!” yelled Eliza, “He looks mad and he’s getting closer!”

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