Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 8: A Spaceship of Math!

The Evil Alien Mr. R. was now only 1 foot behind them, and he was screaming about how he was going to catch the students and take them all back to his planet in a special spaceship of math!

spaceship green“Hurry, he’s going to put us in his spaceship of math,” yelled Ally

“What’s a spaceship of math?” yelled Ricardo

“I don’t know, and I’m not going to find out!” said Eliza as she jumped down 5 steps and then 4 more steps!

Suddenly they saw the Evil Alien Mr. R. jump up into the air, do 6 summersaults, and land right in front of them!

If the Evil Alien Mr. R. travelled 12 feet for each summersault, how many feet had he travelled?


Enter the number of Feet Mr. R. Traavelled here:

Your results

The students stopped in fear.

The Evil Alien Mr. R. grabbed the handle of the classroom, ripped it right off and ate it, then he smiled and said,

“That sure was tasty, now it’s time to capture you, and put you in the spaceship of math!

“No way!” yelled Regina

“Way!!!!!” yelled the Evil Alien Mr. R. and he started coming straight towards them!


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