Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 6: Mr. R. Eats the Smartboard...

“What’s your idea Regina!” They all yelled as the EVIL ALIEN MR. R. finished eating the base ten blocks and began to eat the smartboard…sparks were shooting out of it.

books binder notebook“Please tell us quickly, he’s eating the smartboard, he’ll probably try to eat our math binders next!” yelled Ally.

“Remember that battery pack and switch on the back of his neck?” asked Regina.

“Yeah,” they all said.

“Maybe if we flip the switch, the EVIL ALIEN MR. R. will turn off.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Ricardo, “but how are we going to reach the switch?”

“Yeah, if we do try to touch it, he might try to eat us too!” cried Ally.

“We can distract him with a math problem!” said Larry.

“That might work,” said Eliza, and she wrote a really hard math problem on a sheet of paper! It looked like this!

 1,334,345 + 343,678,432 – 567,786,432 ÷  7 =

EVIL ALIEN MR. R. looked at the math problem 132 times, and then he looked at it 149 more times. How many times had he looked at the math problem?

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