Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 5: A Long Way Down and a lot of Wishing...

“You think you can escape through The window,” laughed the EVIL ALIEN MR. R. as he walked into the classroom, “that’s 312 feet down, and I don’t see a ladder, or an elevator, or an escalator, do you? There is no way to escape me now!!!”

ladder cartoon

The students were more scared than they’d ever been. They couldn’t believe they were stuck in the classroom with the EVIL ALIEN MR. R., and they wished there was another way out.

Larry and Eliza wished 8 times each, and Regina, Ricardo, and Ally wished 6 times each. How many wishes had they made in total?

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Well, all the wishes the students wished did not help at all, and they saw the Evil Alien Mr. R. get even more evil! He grabbed a bunch of base ten blocks and started eating them as if they were breakfast cereal!
base ten rod cartoon

 “No way!” yelled Ally, “those things are dirty!”

  “Yes, way” yelled Larry, “and I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”

  “Yeah, he’s eating the dirty math supplies, we have to escape!” yelled Eliza.

  “Hey guys, I think I have an idea that might save us!” yelled Regina…

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