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Page 1: School Sleepover Night

So here’s a story you’re probably not going to believe, but it’s true. I promise you! At least I remember it happening…

It was a long time ago, when I was teaching in a school that was a bit strange, and a bit peculiar (but not nearly as peculiar and strange as the school you’re in right now!)

As I remember, it was a cold, dark morning, and I came into my classroom like I always did. Everything was perfectly normal and there was no way I could have imagined what was going to happen to me and my students that very strange day (and night!).

pillowYou see, the day had come for our yearly school sleepover night. I know sleeping at school might not sound like fun, but every year we did it to raise money for the local animal shelter. Every student tried to raise $2 in donations for every hour they slept at school, so it was for a good cause.
That day, school had ended at 3:00 as usual, but muy students stayed and got to play and hang out in the recess yard until 6:00. pizza cartoonAfter that, they returned to the classroom and had a pizza feast, which was followed by watching a movie on the smartboard (not too scary of course).

If my 16 students ate 2 slices of pizza each, and each slice of pizza cost $2.50 how much had the pizza cost in total?

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