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Page 4: ShmipMorp's Lunch

Now, at the time, the lunchroom at our school was under construction. The walls still needed to be painted, so for the first week of school that year, the students had to eat their lunches in class. 
Everyone got out their bag lunch and sat at their desk spots. 
pizza cartoonAs I watched the students, I saw them take out the usual things for lunch. Among other things, I saw chicken nuggets, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and tacos. 
“What’s that?” I heard Sarah scream as she looked at ShmipMorp.
“That’s my lunch, what’s wrong?”
“What the heck is it?”
“Fungus salad,” he said, “and it’s delicious.”
“Fungus! Disgusting! It’s slimy and green!” cried Sarah. 
“Yes it is. It’s fungus and seaweed, wanna try some?”
“No! I don’t eat fungus!” assured Sarah. 
“Are you certain?” asked ShmipMorp. 
“Yes I’m certain,” said Sarah.
mushroom cartoon“You never had mushrooms?” asked ShmipMorp.
“I don’t like mushrooms,” said Sarah. 
“You never had bread, or cake, or a donut, or pizza?” asked ShmipMorp.
“Yes, what does that have to do with fungus?”
“Well, all of those have yeast which is a fungus.” he said. 
Sarah looked skeptical.
I told her it was true.
“Well, that’s normal fungus,” she said, “not that crazy looking stuff you’re eating!”
ShmipMorp shrugged and continued to eat his fungus salad, “This is normal to me.” 
“Then you must be an alien,” said Sarah under her breath.
“Sarah,” I said, “we don’t talk about other people’s food, or other people like that in my classroom. Please consider how that might make ShmipMorp feel.” 
Sarah felt bad for what she’d said, “I’m sorry, ShmipMorp. It’s just that I’m not used to that kind of food. It looks like it’s from another planet.” 
“That’s OK, a lot of people think I’m an alien, but I was born right here in a hospital on Earth. At least that’s what my mother told me.”
The rest of the day was particularly normal. That is until dismissal time arrived.

If my students started the day with 226 different desserts and they’d eaten 49 of them, how many were left

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