Mr. R.’s World of Math

Page 5: Dismissal

clockIt was 3PM and I took the kids out to the recess yard for them to get picked up by their caregivers. We were all waiting when we heard a strange sound in the sky. I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw a strange saucer shaped spaceship coming straight towards us.
“What the heck is that?” I said.
spaceship blue“Cool, it’s a UFO!” yelled ShmipMorp as the other students just stared. 
“Come on everyone,” I yelled, “we have to get back inside the school where it’s safe!”
ShmipMorp was staring at the ship, but began to slowly follow me back to school.
All my other students just stood and stared at the UFO as if they were hypnotized.
“Come on everyone! Back inside to the classroom, it might be dangerous!” I yelled.
The UFO landed right in the recess yard in front of us.
“Come on 4D students, back. inside. now!!”
But all my students, except for SchmipMorp began walking towards the ship instead of away from it. When they got right in front of it, a door opened and a ramp slid down.
mars cartoon“Don’t you dare go on that ship!” I yelled, “you don’t know where it might take you!”
But they seemed to be under its power and kept walking towards it. 
When the ramp was completely down, I saw some older people descending. When they got to the ground, they started hugging my students and talking to them as if this was the most normal thing ever.
“Jake, how was your first day of school on Earth,” said one man to Jake. 
“It was fine, Dad,” responded Jake.
“Jenna, did you enjoy your teacher, Mr. R. I heard he’s funny.” 
“Yeah, Mom, he’s kinda’ funny,” said Jenna. 
“Jackie, was your lunch good? I hope it stayed fresh on the trip to school today. It was only 7 billion miles, so it should have been fine,” said a woman to Jackie.
All the students hugged their parents (which I couldn’t believe were on a spaceship), and walked up the ramp.
At the top of the ramp, they turned around and waved to me and ShmipMorp as we were standing in the recess yard in disbelief. 
They yelled, “We have to go home to our planet now, but we’ll be back for school tomorrow. Have a good night!”
ShmipMorp and I waved goodbye, and the flying saucer took off into the sky. 
ShmipMorp looked at me and shrugged,
“That was a fun first day of school, but I can’t believe my classmates are all aliens.”

The End

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