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Page 5: On Mars

spaceship blueWe heard the engines of the spaceship start.
“Stop that spaceship before he gets away with Matthew!” we cried as every student and I grabbed onto different parts of the spaceship. Just as we grabbed on, the ship accelerated out of the open window of the classroom.
“Hang on for your lives!” we all screamed to each other as we flew into the sky. 
Suddenly my students and I were surrounded in bright light, and it felt as if our bodies were turning inside out. This feeling lasted for around 10 minutes before we slowed down.
mars cartoon“Is everyone OK,” I asked as we saw that we were landing on a reddish planet.
“Yes,” said Anthony, “and I think we’re on Mars!”
“That’s not good, I have to make it home for dinner tonight!” said Jenna.
“Yeah, and I have baseball practice after school,” said Carlos.
“I don’t even speak martian!” complained Maria. 
After we landed we saw the ramp lower out of the spaceship. Irving was pushing Matthew down the ramp.
mars stadiumWe followed them into a stadium full of martians, and hid behind what looked like giant stalks of broccoli. Irving dragged Matthew onto a stage in the middle of the stadium and everyone got quiet.
“Here is a descendent of Matthew I found on Earth!” he said, as he pointed at Matthew. All the martians booed loudly.
He will remain a prisoner on Mars until he can turn all the broccoli into our galaxy famous Mars chocolate again! There were wild cheers from all over the stadium.
“Do you have anything to say for yourself and your evil family?” asked Irving.
Matthew just stood there, looking terrified and speechless. None of us had ever seen Matthew speechless before. jail cartoonThey began marching Matthew to what looked like a jail cell, but just as they were about to lock him in the cell, we ran out and grabbed him.
The martians started screaming and chasing us, but luckily we found out the martians weren’t fast runners.

It took us 23 minutes and 4 seconds to run to the spaceship, and it took the martians 24 minutes and 8 seconds to run there. How many SECONDS sooner did we get to the ship?

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