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Page 6: A Safe Return and Mars Chocolate

We made it back to the spaceship before the martians could catch us, and we ran up the ramp into the spaceship.
We saw the martians getting closer!
alienRegina yelled, “HURRY! They’re coming! The Martians are coming to get us!”
“Yeah, and none of us know how to fly this thing! Mr. R., do something!” yelled Carlos. 
“Sorry guys, I don’t know how to fly a spaceship!” I yelled.
“I can fly this,” said Matthew.
“How do you know how to fly it?” I asked. 
“I watched Irving do it before,” answered Matthew.
Matthew sat down on a big chair and started to press hundreds of buttons.
“How do you remember all that stuff?” asked Anthony.
“He’s good at patterns- remember how he always solves his Rubik’s cube in less than 13 seconds!” said Carlos.rubkis cube
After a minute we were flying into space and we accelerated to what seemed like light speed.
“Slow it down Matthew! I don’t want  to get melted into a rock like Irving did!” yelled Jenna.
spaceship blue“We won’t,” said Matthew, “My ancestors could change chocolate into broccoli, don’t you think I can slow a spaceship down to a safe speed?”
After a few minutes we felt the spaceship slowing down. We were still scared as it entered Earth’s atmosphere, but we made it, and a few seconds later we landed in the middle of the classroom. We all got out of the spaceship and as soon as we did, the ramp lifted up and the spaceship flew away.
“Where’d it go?” asked Jake
“I programmed it to go deep into the solar system, like near Pluto or something,” said Matthew.
“Wow, that was a crazy adventure everyone,” I said.
“Yeah, I can’t believe we’re the first people to ever be on Mars!” said Jenna. 
“Nobody’s ever going to believe this happened to us,” said Regina. 
I looked at the clock and noticed only a few minutes had passed since we’d left for Mars. I asked the students to take their seats as it was time to continue the home artifact shares. Luckily nobody else had any Mars rocks or anything else from another planet.
After the artifact shares were over, I noticed a box near my desk. The words Broccoli produced on Mars was printed on the side of the box. 
I picked it up and showed it to the students, “I guess Irving must have left this box by accident,” I said.
“Well, he can have it back. I don’t like broccoli, especially Mars Broccoli,” said Maria.broccoli
We realized the box actually smelled good, nothing like broccoli, so we decided to open it.
When we looked inside, we saw it was filled with stacks and stacks of chocolate bars. 
chocolate bar

We started taking the chocolate out, and we discovered it was some sort of magic box. The bars never ran out. 

As a matter of fact, we started taking chocolate out of the box at 10:23 AM and we finally gave up trying to take it all out at  1:13 PM. How many MINUTES had we worked taking chocolate out of the box?

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chocolate barLater that afternoon during snack we all discovered that martian chocolate is by far the best chocolate in the entire Galaxy!


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