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Page 3: Ms. Wigglefrog Gets Hypnotized...

bottle drink me“Oops,” said Ms. Wigglefrog, “Wrong bottle…at least it tasted pretty good,” she said.
But a few seconds later Ms. Wigglefrog said she felt a little funny and sat down at her desk for a rest. 
“Everyone can begin working on the math homework for the next 15 minutes,” said Ms. Wigglefrog as she rubbed her head wondering why she felt a little dizzy.
The students took out their math notebooks and began to work.
While Carlos worked on the first math challenge, he saw a bird fly by the window. It was a cool color and he screamed, “Check out that cool bird!”
The students looked out the window but the bird had flown away.
“Too late,” said Carlos, and the students turned back towards the front of the room.
blue cartoon birdThey were surprised to see Ms. Wigglefrog was no longer in her chair. She was running around the classroom flapping her arms as if they were wings, and she was whistling a song.
The students watched in shock as she flew around the room swooping her arms over the students’ heads.
Ms. Wigglefrog! What are you doing?” laughed Jackie.
She just kept on whistling and flying.
“Stop playing around Ms. Wigglefrog,” said Regina, but she just kept flying.
“This is weird,” screamed Jenna, “I think we better call Principal Grapefruit!”
“No way! The last time he came into our class, he told us to stop acting like a barrel of monkeys!” yelled Jackie. monkey cartoon
As soon as Jackie said, ‘Monkeys,’ Ms. Wigglefrog stuck her fingers into her armpits and started cackling like a chimpanzee, ‘Oooo-oooo-ooo-ooo!’
Now everyone was laughing, even Sarah who never laughed.

If Ms. Wigglefrog (the monkey) had a bunch of 89 bananas and she put them into baskets that held 11 bananas each. How many bananas would be left over?

Enter the number of of leftover bananas here:

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bottle drink me“I think she’s turning into the animals that we say!” yelled Carlos, “It must have been that weird red stuff she drank! It must have hypnotized her!”

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