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Page 4: Animals in the Classroom and a Bird's Egg

          Before she could help herself, Jackie screamed, “Dog!”
dog cartoon“Jackie, what’re you doing?” screamed Jenna, but it was too late, and Ms. Wigglefrog was already running around the classroom barking and sniffing things. When she smelled Matthew’s bag lunch she began to howl at the ceiling! The students were laughing even more loudly.
“Ms. Wigglefrog! Stop howling!” said Susan.
turtle cartoon“I can get her to stop,” laughed Sean, before he screamed, “Turtle.”
Ms. Wigglefrog stopped howling, lowered herself to the floor, stretched out her neck, and began crawling around very slowly on her hands and knees.
Jenna said, “This isn’t right. I think everyone should stop calling out animals.”
snake cartoonShelly just shrugged and yelled, “Snake!”
Ms. Wigglefrog started slithering around the floor sticking out her tongue at the students.
“Guys,” said Jenna, “She’s our teacher. Just leave her alone.”
“Bunny!” yelled Charlie. rabbit cartoon
Ms. Wigglefrog pushed her wrists together with her fingers pointing at the ground and started hopping around the classroom like a bunny.
“We should really stop this,” said Jenna.
chicken cartoon“No way! This is fun!” said Zander as he yelled, “Chicken!”
Ms. Wigglefrog started clucking like a chicken, walking around the room as her head went back and forth.  When she got to the supply area, she began pecking at the pencils and erasers. They were flying around the room and one of the erasers hit Stephen in the nose.
“Ouch!” yelled Stephen as he screamed, “Elephant!” elephant cartoon
Ms Wigglefrog lifted her arm in front of her nose and began trumpeting like an elephant.
By now the students were all laughing so hard they were in tears.
frog cartoon“Frog!” yelled Matthew, and Ms. Wigglefrog started jumping like a frog. She was going higher, and higher, and higher.
“I didn’t know Ms. Wigglefrog could jump like that!” yelled Christopher.
She jumped so high that she bumped her head on the ceiling. Whack!
When she came down she landed on her feet and rubbed her head.
“What’s going on here? Why is everyone laughing? Didn’t I tell everyone to begin their math homework?” said Ms. Wigglefrog as she walked back to her desk and took a sip from her own water bottle.
The students stopped laughing and got back to work on their math homework.

If the math homework had 133 problems, and there were 19 problems on each page, how many pages were there?

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Suddenly they heard Ms. Wigglefrog say,
egg cartoon“What’s this egg doing on my chair? Are you guys trying to play tricks on me?”
The students looked at each other and couldn’t believe their teacher had laid an egg during math time!


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