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Page 3: The Baby Mr. R. and a Planet Named Toddletot!

A light beam shot out of the alien’s finger, and unfortunately it hit me right in the ear. Lucky light doesn’t hurt too much.
pacifier cartoonThe next thing I remember is that I had a squishy pacifier in my mouth and I was crawling towards the math area so I could chew on some base ten blocks.
The alien stood by the window laughing and laughing. He took out a device and started speaking into it.
“I’ve changed them all into babies,” he said, “Now I’m gonna’ collect them!”
“Good work, Schmeezlegorp,” said a voice.
The alien lifted up a small box and pressed a button. A tiny net popped out. The alien threw the net into the classroom and it grew big enough to cover all of us babies. Then it pressed another button and the net squeezed itself together as it began to lift us towards the ceiling. We were all trapped inside of it!
We all began crying! The alien began laughing.
spaceship blueThe net moved towards the window where the alien was waiting with its spaceship.
As the net moved we cried more loudly. The alien laughed more loudly.
“The citizens of Planet Toddletot will be so excited to have so many more cute babies!”
Just as we got to the window, something on the floor of the classroom jumped up and grabbed the net. It was Josie’s iguana! It grabbed the net and started to pull it down towards the floor.
The alien screamed, “Hey stop that! I’m collecting these babies for my planet!” but the iguana didn’t let go.

The Iguana tugged the net 60 inches right to the floor. If it took 12 tugs, how many inches did it move with each tug?

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