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Page 4: A Magic Iguana and Alien Diapers...

“You’re going to regret touching that net!” screamed the alien as it aimed its finger at the iguana. 
The light beam shot out, but the iguana twisted away and the beam reflected from Teddy’s bald baby head, and shot right back at the alien. It hit the alien, who glowed for a second and then turned into a tiny baby. It was about the size of a flavor blasted goldfish cracker…goldfish

My students and I were still babies and the iguana didn’t like it one bit. It missed big-Josie and it was hungry too. That’s when the iguana did something I didn’t know iguanas could do. It flew up into the air and aimed its tail at us. A light beam streamed out of it. The light beam hit the net, and all of us babies started to grow.  After about 6 seconds we were all back to our normal ages. That is, everyone except the alien from Toddletot who was still tiny. 

If there were 48 alien diapers in a box, and 6 baby aliens needed the same amount of diapers, how many diapers could each baby alien get?

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We crawled out of the net and sat back down for the morning meeting. iguana cartoonJosie finished sharing about  her pet iguana. We found out that her iguana’s name was actually, Tiajuana Iguana, not ALIEN!
We kept the baby alien and its spaceship hovering over my desk for the entire day, until it apologized for having tried to collect us. After that we let it fly back to Planet Toddletot…

We never told anyone the story. It was always a secret between all of us, and nobody ever asked me why I had tiny alien diapers in my desk drawer…

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