Mr. R.’s World of Math

Chapter 4: Thingamajigee, Thingamajigee, What Could You Be?

     “Is there anyone brave enough to see what’s inside Cocoa’s mouth behind all of those very sharp teeth? asked Serena.
     “Not me,” whimpered David.
     “Someone’s gotta’ do it to see if there really is an elevator inside there,” said Justin.
     “I guess I will,” said Hannah, “like, what’s there to lose? It’s cocoa’s mouth or being totally vaporized,” and she slowly started to crawl over towards Cocoa’s cage.
     “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” screamed the rest of the students, “It’s too dangerous!”
     “Really guys,” Hannah said,”she’s only a totally tiny guinea-pig,” and she kept crawling.
     When she got to Cocoa’s cage she slowly stood up. Cocoa was sitting in her cage chewing on a carrot, and she looked out from behind her bars as if nothing strange had happened.
     “Can you open your little mouth please?” asked Hannah.
     “Now you can’t possibly think I’m going to open my mouth for free? Do you? What do you think I am, some sort of silly mouse or something?”
money bag with dollar sign         “Oh totally no!” screamed Hannah, “What do you want THIS time, Cocoa?”
          “How about everything in Mr. R’s wallet?” suggested Cocoa the greedy guinea pig.
wallet with money    “We can’t take the teacher’s wallet, besides, how are we going to get it? yelled Justin,                “He’s busy vaporizing the school!”
     “Mr. R’s wallet’s not in his pocket, it’s on his desk!” said Cocoa, “Get it!”
     “But that’s stealing!” yelled Serena, “We can’t do that!”
     “It’s a matter of life and death, I’m sure Mr. R. will understand,” said David, “Besides, he’s the one vaporizing the school!”
Greg ran over and grabbed Mr. R’s wallet from his desk.
     “I want to see what’s in here before we give it over to Cocoa,” said Greg, “I bet we can use his driver’s license and credit card!”
     That morning there had been $57.23 in the wallet, but Mr. R. Had spent $34.69 on the chemicals that he was using to vaporize the school…

How much money was still in Mr. R.’s wallet?

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