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Page 2: Carlos Makes a Fireball

“Ok, everyone,” I said, “I guess we’ll let science be the true test of whose rocket flies the best. Now everyone line-up.”
The students lined-up, holding their model rockets in bags, and we went outside to the recess yard.
bottle vinegarRegina was launching first, and she poured some vinegar in her rocket, put some baking soda in a paper towel and carefully inserted it into the bottle so it wouldn’t spill. She plugged it all up with a cork and turned it over. There was a chemical reaction, and a second later her rocket launched into the sky, and although it was raining vinegar on all of us, it shot up really high. It was a great flight and everyone congratulated her.
Matthew launched his next. It went about 25% as high as Regina’s throw.
“Oh well,” said Matthew, “I guess I better practice my rocket design.”
When Carlos took his rocket out of his bag, we could see how much designing he had put into it. It really was an amazing model. It looked exactly like a miniature NASA rocket.
“Whoa, that’s so cool,” said Zander, “I think his will fly the best.”
Carlos launched the rocket and it shot up into the sky. It went faster, and faster, and higher and higher,
“Wow! Your rocket is awesome!” yelled Joe, but then something strange happened. It went through a ray of sunshine and it exploded into hundreds of pieces.
“I can’t believe Carlos’ rocket exploded!” yelled Jake.
The pieces started coming down in what looked like a giant fireball.meteor cartoon
“Let’s get out of here!” screamed Joe.
We all began to run away from where the fireball was coming down and when we were far enough away, we turned to look.
We couldn’t believe our eyes. The fireball landed in the recess yard, and as it stopped burning, we saw there was a launch pad with a full-sized rocket standing on it.

If the rocket on the launch pad was 120 feet tall, which was 24% as tall as Mr. R.’s house, how tall was Mr. R.’s house?

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