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Page 3: Touring a NASA Rocket

NASA shuttle“Where did that rocket come from?” asked Joe. 
“I don’t know,” said Carlos, “it’s the same type my grandfather was supposed to fly on with NASA.” 
We walked over to the rocket to check it out. A hatch on the side opened, and someone stuck their head out to greet us.
“Grandpa?” asked Carlos, “ what are you doing here?”
“Hi Carlos, hello Mr. R., hey classmates,” he said, “I’m not sure how I got here. I was having a strange dream that I was finally having a chance to fly my NASA rocket, and now it seems the dream has come true, and the rocket has landed right here in the school recess yard. This is so strange.”
“I’ll say that again,” said Joe, “And what’s Principal Grapefruit gonna’ say when he sees a rocket in the recess yard?”
“I’m sure he’ll be pretty surprised and upset,” I observed.
“Do you all want to join me on the rocket?” asked Carlos’ grandfather.
The students looked at me for permission, and I told them it was OK to go on the rocket as long as it didn’t fly anywhere. We climbed the steps onto the rocket, and we were amazed to see that it had enough seats for all of us.
“This is so cool we’re inside a real NASA rocket,” said Jenna.
“Yeah, we’re like real astronauts now,” said Jake.
“Yes you are,” smiled Carlos’ grandfather.
We sat down and the hatch closed. Carlos’ grandfather began showing us some of the different controls the rocket had.
Now if I press this button you can see different cameras from outside. He clicked through the cameras and we saw the school, the recess yard, and one that looked into the sky.
“Is there a launch button?” asked Matthew.
“Yes, there are a series of buttons to press that can make the rocket launch, but I wouldn’t recommend pressing those unless you’re ready to travel really fast and really far!” he chuckled.

As a matter of fact, Carlos’ grandfather said, “This rocket can travel a total of 49000 miles in a day, if it travels 37000 miles, what percent of the total miles did it travel?”

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