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Page 3: Reese from Planet Recess

“Who are you, and what are you doing inside my clock!” I screamed.
“I’m Reese from the Planet Recess,” said the little man.
“The planet what?” I said.
“The Planet Recess,” he repeated, “And on our planet, students have recess every hour of the school day, except for the 45 minutes when they’re doing boring things like math, andmath book cartoon reading, and social studies.”
“Only 45 minutes of learning a day!” I yelled.
“Yes, and my goal is to spread the joy of recess around the entire universe! All students on Earth should have recess for the entire school day!”
“That’s ridiculous! How can they learn!” I yelled.
“Our students on Planet Recess learn just fine! And that’s why I keep turning back time…I have the power to do that you know.”
“So you’re behind this 3rd recess craziness!”
recess“Yes, and when they come back, I’ll be behind the 4th, 5th, and 6th recess too!” he laughed.
“No you won’t, Reese, I can’t let you do that!” I said.
“Why not,” asked the little man.
“Because my students have to learn something when they’re at school!”
“Well, they’ll learn at recess.”
“They don’t learn math! Or reading! Or spelling!”
“Sure they do. They can count basketball points or read the writing on the ball, or write stories with chalk on the ground.”
“That’s not the same! They need to do other learning!”
As I said it, the little man jumped out of his chair and ran somewhere deep into the gears of the clock.
“Hey! Where’d you go? Get out of my Clock!”11-30 Clock
I heard Reese’s little voice, “No, I will not come out, and you won’t find me in here until you agree to more recess!”
I took the clock off of the wall and peered inside. A squirt of some strange liquid shot out of the clock and hit me in the eye!
“Ow!” I yelled.

If 1/4 cup of the liquid hit me first, then 1/3 cup more squirted out and hit my other eye, how much liquid had hit me in total?

1)    2/7   cup

2)    2/4   cup

3)    7/12  cup

4)    6/12  cup

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bottle drink meAfter the liquid hit me, I heard laughing, “Did you enjoy the Planet Recess Juice?” asked Reese
“No I did not!” I shouted as I began to shake the clock to get Reese out. Nothing came out.
“Get out of there,” I yelled, “You have to leave our clock. You have to leave our time alone, my students have so much to learn!”
There was no response.

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