Page 4: The Big Compromise

I heard the students coming back into the class as I shook the clock.
11-30 Clock“Mr. R. what are you doing to the clock!” asked Regina.
“I’m just fixing it, it appears to be broken!” I said.
“No, it’s really working great today!” said Justin.
“Yeah, that’s like the best clock of all time!” laughed Sarah.
That’s when the little Alien from Planet Recess jumped out of the clock and onto my desk!
“Who’s that!” yelled the students in fear. 
“I’m Reese, and I’m from Planet Recess, and I want all of you to have recess all day every day! He yelled.
“Cool!” yelled Chris.
I was about to grab the little guy when he said,
“Now raise your hand if you agree that there should be recess all day!!”
Every student in my class raised their hand.
“What about learning guys?” I asked.
“Who needs learning when we have recess!” yelled Michael.
ice cream cone smiling“Yeah, and to be honest with you,” said Reese, “I get paid in ice cream cones for every recess hour that I convince schools on Earth to have!”
“So you’re doing this for ice cream!” I yelled.
“What’s wrong with ice cream!” asked Reese, “Now you don’t like recess or ice cream?”
“Nothing’s wrong with ice cream, but we have to make sure there’s some learning going on too!”
“Well, let them learn about ice cream! Who wants to learn about ice cream?” yelled Reese to the class. 
Every student in my class raised their hand again.I couldn’t believe this.
“So, is it going to be recess all day everyday or not?” asked Reese hopefully.
“No, it’s not,” I yelled.
“But they voted for it,” complained Reese.
They don’t get to make those decisions,” I said.
vote sign“Why not, Isn’t this a democratic classroom?”
“Yes, but I’m the president! And I have fill veto power!”
“How about a compromise then?” asked Reese.
“Yes, we often talk about making comprises here in our classroom. What kind of compromise do you have in mind?”
“You let them have 4 recess times every day!” screamed Reese

If 1/2 of a new recess would be used for kickball, and 1/3 would be used for tag, and the REMAINING 8 minutes would be used for basketball, how many minutes were in the new recess?

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I thought about it for a minute. I had to admit my students had voted for more recess, and I always taught them that we had to find compromises, but I finally said, “No, that’s too much. How about 3 recesses?”
“OK, OK, 3 will do,” smiled Reese.
recessThe students all stood up and cheered for their 3 daily recess periods.
Reese jumped back into the clock with a smile. “I’m gonna’ get a lot of ice cream cones,” he said, as I hung the clock back up on the wall.
The next day, and every day after that for the entire school year, 11:30AM happened 3 times a day. Just like it always did.

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