Mr. R.’s World of Math

My Dog Multiplication

Late last year,
During Winter vacation,
Dad got us our dog,
He’s really a good dog,
But sometimes brings trouble,
Like the day I woke up,
And noticed he’d doubled…
Two dogs were there,
I yelled, “Double the fun!”
I had a big grin…
That was 2 dogs X 1…

That’s 2 times 1 doggie,
Say 2 times a 1,
2 times 1 doggie,
Is double the fun!


That’s my dog,
That’s my dog,
Now you’re in trouble,
Multiplied by 2,
And now you’re double!

Now 2 dogs were cool,
Wasn’t sure about more,
But the very next day,
I saw there were 4!!!!
4 dogs for playing,
4 noses to sneeze,
4 bowls of dog food,
4 dogs to get fleas…
4 fetch toys for fetching,
4 leashes, one blue
And 8 doggie eyebrows,
That’s 4 x a 2!

2 times 2 doggies,
That’s 2 times a 2,
That’s 2 doggies for me,
And 2 doggies for you!


4 dogs were a lot,
But the fun was still great,
Til’ the very next morning,
I saw there were 8!
That’s 8 dogs for walking,
My greatest of fears,
That’s 32 dog legs,
And 16 dog ears!!!
Yes 2 times my 4 dogs,
Was equal to 8,
Now things weren’t really,
So doggy dog great…

That’s 2 times 4 doggies,
That’s 2 times a 4,
It gave me 8 doggies,
I hope there’s no more!


I really felt 8 dogs,
Were more than enough,
But the very next morning,
I heard 16 ruff-ruffs!
He’d doubled again,
The very same way,
I had 8 brand new doggies,
That wanted to play!

That’s 64 paws,
And 16 long tails,
And 32 eyes,
And lots of toe nails!!! (256)

That’s 2 times x 8 doggies,
That’s 2 times an 8,
2 x 8 doggies,
That’s too many! Wait!!


Having so many dogs,
Was an awesome fun, ride,
And don’t get me wrong,
I love dogs by my side,
But 16 fun dogs,
Was too many, I cried,
So I taught Multiplication,
How to divide!
I was left with just one dog,
And went back to enjoying,
My Winter vacation!

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