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3D Shapes with Santa- A Christmas Math Song!


What Santa did for Christmas,
I really can’t believe,
He brought some shapes for presents,
And hung them on my tree!

He said his gifts were 3D,
Like the balls I use to play,
They’ll cut down on your screen time,
You’re on the screen all day!

Now have a merry math day,
The world is in 3D,
And these are really cool shapes,
They’re from geometry!

The first shape lit up brightly,
Just like Rudolph’s reindeer nose,
It fell down from my tall tree,
And landed by my toes!
I didn’t know the shape’s name,
I had to ask my cat,
She knew geometry,
She was great at shapes like that!

(These are the individual Chorus Parts)
That’s a sphere
Thats a cube
That’s a cylinder
That’s a rectangular prism
That’s a triangular prism
That’s a cone
That’s a pyramid

What an awesome Christmas
I learned geometry
From Santa’s 3D presents,
Underneath my tree!
So have a Merry Christmas
Filled with 3D cheer,
Have a Merry Christmas and a GEOMETRIC year!

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