Mr. R.’s World of Math

Watch Your Step!

or you might be sorry

I looked in the air,
To watch a bird fly,
I got a surprise.
Right in my eye…

I went to the farm,
To look at a cow,
I stepped in its patty,
Don’t ask me how…
cow funny
I went to the zoo,
The sheep was real neat,
But left on my left foot,
Was a small treat…
I went to the pet shop
The rabbits were hopping,
rabbit cartoon

But what can I say?
So were their droppings!
They had a mouse too,
mouse cartoon
I hope they don’t sell it,
Then under my shoe,
I found its small pellet…
shoe cartoon
If you wanna’ see things,
I’ll give you the scoop,
Stay far away,
Or meet with the poop…

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