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Trees Trees

Save One, Just Do It!

Tree cartoon
Trees, trees
Home of the bees,
bee cartoon
Home of the seeds,
The buds,
And the leaves…
Home of a bird, a chipmunk, a bat…
bat cartoon
Trees make their own food,
But never get fat!!!
tree fat
They live quite a while,
Like a very long time,
Get older than Grandpa & Grandma combined!
For tens,
And hundreds,
And thousands of years,
They give shade to our picnics,
picnic basket
And food to our deers…
And all trees make flowers,
And all trees make fruits,
And all trees have trunks,
elephant with 'hey not that kind of trunk!
And all trees have roots…
From bananas
banana cartoon
To chestnuts,
To apples,
apple cartoon
To plums,
Trees give us good food,
They’re really our chums!
kids playing leapfrog
We use sap to make syrup,
And rubber, and fuel,
We use wood to make chairs,
people sitting on chairs
To sit down at school…
But without all your help,
And without your concern,
We won’t have enough trees,
And for trees we will yearn,
desert scene
Because trees give us things,
That we need to survive,
Like trees(or oxygen) to breathe,
To live and to thrive…
And trees don’t take much,
for all that they give,
They only need sunlight,
And water to live…

sunlight+rain and umbrella

Well maybe some soil,
To hold themselves up,
And maybe some love,
So they don’t get cut up…

cut up logs

Cut down or cut up,
However you view it,
We all need green trees,
So save one,
Just do it!!!

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