Mr. R.’s World of Math

Page 9: Be Careful What You Wish For

The Words MAKE A WISH popped up on the screen of the machine.
“I wish we didn’t have 100 puppies in the classroom,” said Regina.
A puff of purple smoke came out of the machine and the lights flickered, and then they went off completely. It was pitch black in the classroom.
“Hey, I can’t see anything!” yelled Joe.
“I’m scared of the dark!” yelled Jenna.
“Me too!” yelled Zander.
Then suddenly there was an explosion of light, and when we opened our eyes, there were only 100 puppies left in the room.
dog cartoon“100 puppies is still plenty!” laughed Carlos as he picked up a puppy and started petting it.
“They’re so ootsy, nootsy, grootsey, pakootsie, tootise” said Zander as he petted 5 puppies at once.
“OK, there’s ten minutes before we send them all back to wherever they came from,” I said as I set a timer for ten minutes.
“But they’re so sweetie, greetie, dreetsie, weetie, hapeetsie,” said Jake as he snuggled with more of the puppies, “can’t we keep them a little longer?”
“No,”  I said, “It’s ten minutes or no minutes!”
We were all holding and petting puppies until the timer began beeping.
“Time’s up everyone. It’s time to wish these cute little guys back to wherever they came from,” I said.
The students were upset, but I told them we’d made a deal and had to send the puppies back.
wishing machineAfter a whole bunch of complaining and begging to keep the puppies, Zander finally agreed to wish the puppies back. Everyone gave the puppies one last hug and kiss before Zander went over to the machine, and squeezed the red orb. The math riddle came up on the screen. It was hard and Zander hadn’t been practicing his math very much.

Find the next number in this pattern:
3, 10, 31, 94, ___

Enter the number here:

Your results

Zander put in his answer, but it was the wrong answer!
The machine did not make the cheering sound, it sounded more like a booing sound.
Then a message popped up on the screen.
Your wishing machine account has been suspended.
As we read the message, the machine made another noise. We saw some engines deploy underneath it, and it shot out the window like a rocket.
We were left sitting there in the classroom surrounded by 100 puppies.
“What are we gonna’ do now?” asked Jackie, “We have 100 puppies and no more wishing machine.”
“I guess we have a lot of dogs to walk,” I said.
“That’s for sure,” said Joe.
“It just goes to show, you have to be careful what you wish for,” I said as a four or five puppies licked my face.

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