Mr. R.’s World of Math

Page 8: One Thousand Puppies

“I wish I didn’t have a thousand puppies,” whispered Matthew to the wishing machine.
A puff of purple smoke came out of the machine and the lights flickered, and then they went off completely. It was pitch black in the classroom.
“Hey, I can’t see anything!” yelled Joe.
“I’m scared of the dark!” yelled Jenna.
“Me too!” yelled Zander.
dog cartoonThen suddenly there was an explosion of light, and when we opened our eyes there were puppies. There were puppies everywhere. There were puppies on the desks, there were puppies under the desks, there were puppies in my desk drawers, there were puppies in the closet, there were puppies in the library, the math center, and the science area!
“What’s going on here!” I yelled over the puppies yelping, “Who wished for puppies? These puppies can’t be in our classroom!”
The students were all petting and holding puppies.
“But they’re so cutesy, bootsy, capootsy, lootsie,” said Jackie, “Can’t we keep them?”
“Yes they’re cute, but they have to go back! We can’t have one thousand puppies in our classroom!” I admonished.
“Come on, Mr. R, can’t we keep them for a little while? They’re so wiggie, piggie, ziggy, shmiggy, shmoggy,” said Jenna as seven different puppies licked her face.
I looked around the classroom and saw all of the students playing with the puppies, but I knew Principal Grapefruit wouldn’t want even one puppy in the classroom, let alone one thousand.
I made a quick decision and said, “We can keep one hundred of the puppies for ten minutes. Now somebody go to the wishing machine and wish the number of puppies down to 100 puppies.” 
Regina went to the machine and squeezed the red orb. The math riddle popped up on the screen.

I am an odd number.
If you round me to the nearest ten you get 60.
I am 3 more than 30 doubled.
What number am I?

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