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Page 7: Matthew's Wish

recess all day scheduleRight after Jackie typed in 57, the students were able to eat the ice cream, and they were really enjoying it when Jenna screamed, “Hey everyone, look at the schedule!”
We all looked at the schedule (at least the schedule hadn’t turned into ice cream). We saw that the schedule had the same class written for every time of the day. 
“Recess all day!” yelled the students.
“Not recess all day,” I yelled back.
“Aww,” said Zander, “You always say we have to follow the schedule!”
“Not when the schedule was made by some strange anti-wishing machine that flew into the classroom from outer space! Now finish up your ice cream so we can get to our math lesson.” 
As they were finishing the ice cream, Matthew was talking to Jackie and said, “I really wish I had a puppy like yours.”dog cartoon
“Why don’t you use the wishing machine,” said Jackie, “You can get whatever you want.” 
“That’s true,” said Matthew as he walked over to the machine. He squeezed the red orb. A math riddle came onto the machine that said this:

I am a number between 1 -100.
The digit in my ones place is 3. times the digit in my tens place.
I am an odd number.
The SUM of my digits is 12.

What number am I?

Matthew put the answer in. Type the number in the box below.

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