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Page 6: Wishing in Reverse

After Jake typed in the correct answer, the machine started beeping as if it was cheering. The words MAKE A WISH popped up on the screen of the machine. We all screamed at Jake to make a wish.
Jake had to think for a minute to make his wish in reverse.
“I wish there would be no ice cream in our classroom today,” he said, “and I wish we would never have recess again!”
“Hey,” said Matthew, “I love ice cream and recess.”
“Don’t you get it, said Regina, “He’s just wishing for the opposite stuff.”

purple smokeA puff of purple smoke came out of the machine and we stood around the classroom waiting to see if anything would happen, and just when it seemed as if nothing would, the lights flickered, and then they went off completely. It was pitch black in the classroom.
“Hey, I can’t see anything!” yelled Joe.
“I’m scared of the dark!” yelled Jenna.
“Me too!” yelled Zander.
Then suddenly there was an explosion of light, and when we opened our eyes, we saw the classroom had changed. The walls no longer had the students’ work or a smartboard, they were now lined with ice cream cream cone smiling Above each machine were little tags that said what flavor was in the machine. We also saw that each desk had containers of different toppings. The pencil sharpener had turned into a whipped cream dispenser, and the staplers all squirted out hot fudge instead of staples.
“This is the greatest thing ever!” yelled Carlos.
“Yes, it is!” they all yelled before they asked if they could make an ice cream cone for themselves.
I said “OK,” and the students all made ice cream cones and covered them with enough toppings to last for an entire week!
But just as the students were about to eat the ice cream, an alarm came from the machine, and some words popped up on the screen.

Not until you solve this math riddle can you eat ice cream!

The students tried to eat the ice cream anyway, but they couldn’t move their hands to their mouths! Somehow the machine was preventing them from eating. 
“We have to solve that math riddle fast!” yelled Zander.
Jackie said, “I’ll do it, and she went over to the machine to read the riddle. It said this.

I am a number that is between 1-100.
I am an odd number.

If you double me, you get the same number as 3 times 38. 
The digit in my ones place is 2 greater than the digits in my tens place.
What number am I?

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