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Page 5: Recess All Day?

After Jackie typed in the correct answer, the machine started beeping as if it was cheering. The Words MAKE A WISH popped up on the screen of the machine. We all screamed at Jackie to make a wish.
Jackie thought for a minute and said, “I wish the schedule said it was recess all day!”
A puff of purple smoke came out of the machine and we stood around the classroom waiting to see if anything would happen, and just when it seemed as if nothing would, the lights flickered, and then they went off completely. It was pitch black in the classroom.
“Hey, I can’t see anything!” yelled Joe.
“I’m scared of the dark!” yelled Jenna.
“Me too!” yelled Zander.
Then suddenly there was an explosion of light, and when we no recess scheduleopened our eyes, we saw that instead of RECESS, the schedule said HISTORY at recess time.
“I told you this wishing machine is broken!” yelled Matthew,  “It’s more like the anti-wishing machine. It’s doing everything backwards!
“Yeah, and now we have NO recess today!” complained Jackie.
“I have an idea,” said Jake.
“What’s your idea?” I asked.
“What if we wish for the opposite of what we want to happen, then maybe what we actually want to happen will happen!”
“That’s a good idea!” yelled Carlos.
“OK,” I shrugged, “I guess we can give it a shot.”
Jake walked over to the machine and put his hand on the red orb. A math riddle appeared on the screen. It said:

What number comes next in the pattern?
5, 11, 23, 47, ___

Enter the number here:

Your results

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