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Page 2: Something Strange on the Carpet

“Stand back,” I told everyone, “We should probably leave the classroom and report this to Principal Grapefruit.”
Matthew didn’t listen and yelled, “This is so cool!” as he ran towards the sink.
sink“Stop Matthew, Stop!” we all yelled, but like he often did, he ignored us.
“Matthew! Stop!” I yelled more loudly, but it was as if he didn’t even hear me.
When he got to the sink he took a close look at the meteor, and after a second he turned around and said, “None of you are gonna’ believe this!”
“Believe what?” asked Jake, “We already know there’s a meteor in our sink.”
“It’s not a meteor,” said Matthew.
“What do you mean it’s not a meteor,” asked Jenna, “We saw it fly down from the sky.” 
“But it’s not a meteor,” said Matthew, “Come look at it.”
I reminded the students not to approach and I told Matthew to leave the sink area. 
“I’ll take a look at whatever it is,” I said as I walked over and looked at the object in the sink.
“What is it, Mr. R.?” asked Carlos.
box with writingI was still staring at the object. It appeared to be some sort of box that had writing on its side.
“I have no idea,” I said.
“Can we look?” they asked.
“Maybe after music with Ms. Arpeggio,” I said, “We’ll figure things out when you get back.”
I dropped the students at the music room, and went straight to a meeting I had with the other teachers. I left the box sitting in the sink.
An hour later, I picked up the students at music and we came back to the classroom. When I opened the door, something was strange.
“What’s that thing on the carpet?” asked Matthew.
We looked at the carpet and we saw an orange machine with a red orb on top of it.
“I have no idea,” I said.
Suddenly, we heard a voice come from the machine. It said, “If you can figure out this math riddle, you will learn the use of this machine,” then a math riddle popped up on a screen on the side of the machine. It said this:

Find the Number:
I am a 2-digit EVEN number
I am divisible by 4, and 3.
The product of my 2 digits is 14
The difference between my 2 digits is 5.
What number am I?

Enter the number here:

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