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Page 1: A Meteor in the Classroom

school smallSo here’s a story you’re probably not gonna’ believe, but it’s true. I promise you! At least I remember it happening…

It was a long time ago, when I was teaching in a school that was a bit strange, and a bit peculiar (but not nearly as peculiar and strange as the school you’re in right now!)

As I remember, it was a cold, dark morning, and I came into my classroom like I always did. Everything was perfectly normal and there was no way I could’ve imagined what was going to happen to me and my students that very strange day.

We were just beginning our morning meeting when Joe screamed, “What’s that!”
“What’s what?” asked Zander.
“What’s that strange sound!” said Joe.
We all got really quiet to listen for the sound Joe was talking about. Then we all heard it.
“It sounds like an airplane!” yelled Jenna.airplane cartoon
“More like a helicopter!” yelled Matthew.
“More like a meteor!” yelled Jake.
“It also looks like a meteor!” yelled Regina who was pointing out of the classroom window.
We looked and saw something flying through the sky right towards the classroom!
meteor cartoon“I don’t want to be crushed by a meteor!” yelled Matthew.
“I don’t want to be crushed at all!” yelled Carlos.
“Run for it! Get out of the room!” I yelled, but we quickly found out meteors are fast.
Before we could even make it out of our chairs, the meteor crashed through the window! Luckily the meteor was so hot, the glass melted and dripped down to the floor so none of us got hurt.
We were also lucky the meteor flew through our classroom and landed right in the sink where I’d put some ice cubes for a lesson on thermometers and temperature.
The ice cubes melted, and then turned to water vapor, and we were left with a cooler meteor in the classroom sink. 
“Wow, that was close!” yelled Jake.
“Yeah, that meteor was screaming hot!” yelled Jenna. 

Solve the math riddle below to find out the temperature of the meteor.

The temperature of the meteor (in degrees) was an even number
The number rounds to 470 .
The three digits of the number add to 18
What was the number?

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