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The Number Thief: 9X Facts

The 9 multiplication facts (page 7 of 12)

Thief grew so old,
It was really insane,
He was walking real slow,
And using a cane..
His teeth all fell out,
Like apples from trees,
He had pains in his joints,
In his knuckles and knees….
But that didn’t stop him,
From trying to rip,
My notebook from me,
He was still pretty quick!
I protected my book,
Like a dog does her bone,
dog biscuit cartoon
I wouldn’t let thief,
Steal things from my home!
He shouted out 6,
More mad than before,
He shouted out 6,
And then blocked my door,
But I knew his answer,
Like sleeping snakes snore!
I told him,
Problems so easy,
Were really a bore,
I said 9 x 6,
Is just ______

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