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The Number Thief: 9X Facts

The 9 multiplication facts (page 12 of 12)

My parents returned,
From their trip to the mall,
Just when I finished,
Fixing my wall…
Would they believe,
My number thief story,
And all the details,
So scary and gory?
The thief he came
To do battle for 9’s
Multiples were what,
He wanted this time!
I answered his questions,
I was totally bold,
And I made Number Thief,
Grow very old!
He turned into powder,
Like iron does rust,
That is my story,
That I think you should trust…
My parents,
Well, they put me to bed,
Told me they didn’t,
Believe what I said,
Things can’t grow old,
Any faster than you,
Time can’t speed up,
Like rocket ships do…
I lay mad in my bed,
I hadn’t lied,
I was really quite angry,
Fit to be tied!
I looked at my clock,
To check for the time,
And that’s when I noticed,
It was missing the 9!
clock missing the 9

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