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The Number Thief: 7X Facts

The 7 multiplication facts (page 11 of 12)

My parents came home,
From their trip to the mall,
And there’s no way they’d believe,
What I’d tell them at all…
Number thief was here!
That number thief grouch,
Just look at the footprints,
He left on the couch!
They looked at the couch,
But the couch was all clean,
couch white
They both looked at me,
And their look was real mean…
They spoke to me gently,
But said I was lying,
And if I lied anymore,
I’d be the one crying…

I begged my parents twice a day,
for 7 days
to get them to believe
the number thief had been at our house,
how many times did I beg them to believe me?

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