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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 3 of 12)

Thief wasn’t alone,
I noticed real quick,
And the sight that I saw,
Made me more sick…
Faster than race cars,
Thief brothers, they came,
And thief sounded real scary,
As he screamed out each name…

Now Horror, now Terror, now Silly, now Spooky,
On Crazy, on Dirty, on Horrid, and Kooky!
Eight tiny brothers,
In one tiny truck,
truck toy
And that’s when I knew,
I was right out of luck!
But things got much worse,
More thief trucks arrived,
Soon there were 6 trucks,
Or 1 more than 5…

If each truck held 8 brothers,
how many brothers would be on 6 trucks?

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