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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 12 of 12)

My parents came back,
From their trip to the mall,
Would they even believe,
My story at all?
Number Thief came,
He was dressed up as Santa,

number thief santa
With his tiny thief brothers,
They came from Atlanta!
And this is the truth!
Everyone knows!
I sucked up the thief,
With a machine and a hose!
thief vacuum
My parents both told me,
I shouldn’t have lied,
On this Christmas Eve,
And they both showed me why…
They pulled out a present,
That was really so cool,
A video game,
video game box
That replaced my whole school!
They said I’d been naughty,
And now I would miss this,
They were returning my present,
For lying on Christmas!
Then they put me to bed,
With a hug and a wave,
I’d get gifts the next year,
If I behave…
They turned off my lights,
And slammed shut my door,
One day they’d see thief,
About that I was sure!
But for now, at least,
They thought I was lying,
I lay there in bed,
I felt just like crying!
I was really quite tired,
From doing thief battle,
I checked out the time,
And felt my brain rattle…
When I looked at the clock,
Its tocking and ticks,
Two numbers were missing,
The 12 and the 6…

clock missing 12 and 6 

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