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The Number Thief: 5X Facts

The 5's multiplication facts (page 5 of 12)

Give back my 5,
You lame number thief,
Give me my 5,
Or you’ll get 5 times grief!
How will you get it?
When I already ate it?
It’s inside my stomach,
Don’t you just hate it?
I looked at the thief,
And laughed a small chuckle,
Reached to my belt,
belt military
And inside the buckle,
I found my machine,
That would leave thief well-beaten,
It would get back my 5,
He’d already eaten…
“You’ll never escape,
And I’ll get back what’s mine!”
Is what I screamed at the thief,
12 x 5 times…
How many times did I scream at the thief?

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