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Number Thief and The 3 Times Facts

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The number thief saw me,
He wasn’t too glad,
I looked at his face,
He was really quite mad!
He growled a number,
He said 9 with a hiss,
He guessed I forgot threes,
He thought I might miss,
He looked up at me,
And laughed as he grabbed,
A 3 from my notebook,
That made me feel bad…
I reviewed my three’s tables,
Like peas come in cans,
I had to save homework,
From thief’s greedy hands…
I was thinking of 9,
Its relation to 3,
A thought came to mind,
Like fruits from a tree…
I stared at the thief,
The thief stared at me,
I whispered these words,
9’s a 3 times a ____

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