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Number Thief and The 3 Times Facts

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I jumped from the bath,
And threw on my clothes,
shirt cartoon red
And ran for my homework,
To homework- thief goes!!!
I had to get there,
Before he could steal ’em,
The numbers I’d written,
He was trying to peel ’em,
Straight off the notebook,
Where I’d worked very long,
Doing math homework,
Thief was singing a song…
“Multiples of three,”
Is what he was singing,
“Multiples of three,”
His 3 arms were swinging…
Multiples of three?
I thought with some fear,
Three’s times tables,
Didn’t seem very near,
The front of my brain,
Or the tip of my tongue,
If they were a ladder,
They were the top rung!!!
ladder with red number 3 on top
I looked at the thief,
In multiple heaven,
I yelled 9 x 3,
Which makes ____

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